Traveling Light When The Wind Is Getting Heavy

I hate winter. I don’t like to be cold, snow is not a good time and I’m not a fan of wearing toques (short hair problems). To ease yourself into this frigid season I’ve compiled a playlist of some Canadian … Continue reading

Define the Fine Lines Between Love & Art

One of my favourite things about going to see an indie band live is watching them set up their own gear. While Matthew Layzell from The Matinee simply states it’s because “We just can’t afford to pay someone else to … Continue reading

Are You, Are You Reaching Out

Most bands go on tour to promote a new album or to expose themselves to new fans. Not Toronto band, The Darcy’s. They could be out pimping their LP “Warring” but instead are using their noteriety  to bring attention to issues brought forth through discussions with their fans. Music education, and the lack of support surrounding it.

Members of The Darcy’s we’re fortunate to grow up with music programs in their schools allowing them a creative outlet many of their fans are missing out on. In conversations over social media sites like twitter and Facebook the band noticed two common themes coming from their fans: they can’t access live shows because they are underage and they lack the resources to explore and pursue music on their own. 

The Darcy’s listened to their fans and this month are kicking off their “Play in School” campaign where they will play free shows and hold workshops in six Southern Ontario schools. By doing so the band hopes to bring some attention to school music programs that are usually underfunded and face major budget cuts. Just last year the TDSB tried to cut funding for arts programming in schools, although unsuccessful it is an ongoing problem across the country. 

The band is also encouraging fans to become socially active, have conversations with school boards asking for support to develop and maintain music programs in their schools. 

The generosity doesn’t stop there for The Darcy’s. The band has joined the likes of Metric and Born Ruffians in support of Kiehl’s Gives, where Khiel’s has agreed to donate $10,000 in addition to $1 from every online sale to Musicounts, a program that sets out to ensure children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances or cultural background, have access to a music program through their school. If that weren’t enough The Darcy’s are also pairing up with Propeller Coffee this holiday season creating a signature blend where a portion of the proceeds will go to People for Education, supporting public education in Ontario Schools. 

You can catch the Play in Schools tour:

11/18 Rosedale Heights School for the Arts, Toronto

11/20 Alexander Mackenzie High School, Richmond Hill

11/22 Richview Collegiate Institute, Etobicoke

11/26 Sutton District High School, Sutton West

11/27 Kitchener Collegiate Institute, Kitchener

12/02 Huron Heights, Newmarket

Schools wanting to participate in Play in Schools can contact the bands management,

Fans are always encouraged to connect with the band via their twitter @thedarcys and

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Count Your Blessings When You Fill That Cup

Social Media. Love it or hate it the fact remains that this tool is the easiest and most effective way for musicians to reach fans. Look around at our current society, people are glued to their phones and tablets (lets … Continue reading

Run, Running All The Time

I hate running, I really do but it’s much needed daily therapy. It’s a time where I unwind, drop kick the shit out of the day and imagine I am a rock star and this is my play list.

Tegan & Sara – How Come You Don’t Want Me
July Talk – Guns & Ammunition
Little Boots – Satellite
Metric – Gold Guns Girls
Ladyhawke – Magic
Peaches – Kick It
Feist – I Feel It All
Lorde – The Love Club
HAIM – If I Could Change Your Mind
Marina & the Diamonds – How To Be A Heartbreaker

What is on your playlist this week & what gets you through running?

*Special thanks to my life coach & Discovr app for the recommended tunes

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In that jingle jangle morning I’ll come following you

I am a fan of the tambourine, its no secret. But i am a huge supporter of live music in general. There is something special about watching a band play live that just tugs at my heart strings. Toss a tambourine in, and well, you had me at the first jingle.

This past weekend I went to Mumford & Sons “Gentleman of the Road” Simcoe Stopover. Mind blowing.

photo (4)

Small town Simcoe opened their arms wide to people from all over the world. I had the opportunity to help my aunt sell her North Roots organic teas in the Street Market ( Here I was flabbergasted at how far people had traveled just for this band. Me merely travelling one hour seemed obsolete when i talked to people from PEI, Calgary, Montreal, Massachusetts and a few European expats that trekked hours for this Stop over. The Street Market put on by the people of Simcoe was unreal. It was a perfect compliment to the festival that got concert goers out into the community and supporting the local small businesses.

It was while I was serving up some Norfolk County Blend herbal tea that I had the chance to speak to one the members of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes. (I had shazamed their song “Home” the day before and loved their vibe.) The gentleman was riding one of those fold up bikes and that is what started our conversation. I would like a cute little fold up bike to stick in my car. I would paint it pink or lavender or mint green and give it a basket. As I was admiring his bike we struck up the usual Tea Hut conversation, where are you from (St. Louis), what brought you here (I’m in a band), insert me trying very hard not to fan girl out at this point. We began talking about the tour and how they share Mumford’s vision of bringing these stopovers to towns that need a little love. He said he just was happy to get out and meet the people and explore the town. He was especially grateful for the organic tea & banana bread and the Holistic food store my aunt’s friend owned. He appreciated the healthy choices available during the tour and while my aunt went on about the need for change in the way we treat our food and what we put into our bodies, a common idea shared by us all was the need for more organic farmers.

The Simcoe Stopover was an incredible concert that i was grateful to have experienced but some of my favourite memories from the weekend were the conversations i had with the people while serving up some iced tea. Sometimes its the simple things.

photo (5)

You can check out Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes here:

And you can also check out the moment my heart filled with so much tambourine love this weekend: 

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