Are You, Are You Reaching Out

Most bands go on tour to promote a new album or to expose themselves to new fans. Not Toronto band, The Darcy’s. They could be out pimping their LP “Warring” but instead are using their noteriety  to bring attention to issues brought forth through discussions with their fans. Music education, and the lack of support surrounding it.

Members of The Darcy’s we’re fortunate to grow up with music programs in their schools allowing them a creative outlet many of their fans are missing out on. In conversations over social media sites like twitter and Facebook the band noticed two common themes coming from their fans: they can’t access live shows because they are underage and they lack the resources to explore and pursue music on their own. 

The Darcy’s listened to their fans and this month are kicking off their “Play in School” campaign where they will play free shows and hold workshops in six Southern Ontario schools. By doing so the band hopes to bring some attention to school music programs that are usually underfunded and face major budget cuts. Just last year the TDSB tried to cut funding for arts programming in schools, although unsuccessful it is an ongoing problem across the country. 

The band is also encouraging fans to become socially active, have conversations with school boards asking for support to develop and maintain music programs in their schools. 

The generosity doesn’t stop there for The Darcy’s. The band has joined the likes of Metric and Born Ruffians in support of Kiehl’s Gives, where Khiel’s has agreed to donate $10,000 in addition to $1 from every online sale to Musicounts, a program that sets out to ensure children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances or cultural background, have access to a music program through their school. If that weren’t enough The Darcy’s are also pairing up with Propeller Coffee this holiday season creating a signature blend where a portion of the proceeds will go to People for Education, supporting public education in Ontario Schools. 

You can catch the Play in Schools tour:

11/18 Rosedale Heights School for the Arts, Toronto

11/20 Alexander Mackenzie High School, Richmond Hill

11/22 Richview Collegiate Institute, Etobicoke

11/26 Sutton District High School, Sutton West

11/27 Kitchener Collegiate Institute, Kitchener

12/02 Huron Heights, Newmarket

Schools wanting to participate in Play in Schools can contact the bands management,

Fans are always encouraged to connect with the band via their twitter @thedarcys and

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When the Music Starts I Never Want to Stop

New favourite app alert:


It allows you to follow bands/artists you enjoy where you get snippets of new music, videos and photos.

Streaming happens through services like Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, YouTube, iTunes & Soundcloud.

Like something? You can instantly share it with all your friends.


If you like a band or artist you can click on the “similar” tab at the bottom and up pops a beautiful bubble chart of similar bands you might like.


It’s hours of clicking entertainment.

You can thank me later for enhancing your musical life.

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Can we ever get away from the Sprawl?

I had the lovely experience of returning to my childhood home for two weeks to hang out with my parents dog Maggie while they sailed around the Mediterranean. As a downtown resident I am not best equipped for spending long periods of time in Suburbia. But I survived to tell the tales and to put together a Suburbia Survival List to help anyone else with similar experiences.

1) You need a car and a full tank of gas.

You can not get groceries, visit friends, get coffee or go to work without getting in your car. Also be advised that all other sprawlites will also be leaving at the exact moment you are and taking the exact one way in and out as you, and will drive way below the speed limit.

2) Bring your own decent coffee.

There are Tim Hortons as far as the eye can see, but if you want a decent latte, you better keep looking.

3) Note the time everyone else in Suburbia is walking their dogs through the park, and then go an hour later.

I found the best time to walk the dog was just after 6pm. We all know every Suburbanite watches the news and doesn’t turn it off until Matt Hayes has told them about the weather.

4) Leave the sleeping pills at home.

It is so quiet in Suburbia that you will sleep like a baby. While there are no sirens to lull you to sleep you wont wake up to random drunk people screaming in the street either.

5) Pack a flashlight, reflectors and coyote spray.

It gets very dark in Suburbia at night so when out for your 7pm run be careful of the coyotes known to lurk outside the trails.

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Small mouth bass have got me hooked on Sunday afternoons

This summer I have taken up a new hobby. Fishing. Yes my rod is pink and no I don’t touch the worms. While I haven’t caught anything worthwhile yet I think part of my redneck brother is rubbing off on me.

I enjoy sitting by the water casting out and reeling it back it dodging the clumps of seaweed and lily pads. It becomes a game you play with the fish, daring them to come check out your line and what you have to offer.


I choose to fish with sparkly lures because if i was a fish I would definitely be drawn to the sparkles in the water. One pink sparkly fake fish and I would be caught hook, line and sinker.

Clearly the fish are much smarter than me here because I have only caught 2 catfish out at my brothers. I’m slowly filling up my tackle box and learning what lure goes with what fish (even if i have to google what type of fish live where!).

Can of any you fisher people out there recommend any fishing hot spots in the Hamilton area?

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