Count Your Blessings When You Fill That Cup

Social Media. Love it or hate it the fact remains that this tool is the easiest and most effective way for musicians to reach fans. Look around at our current society, people are glued to their phones and tablets (lets save my social media obsession for another post). Short bursts of information can be shot out and reach thousands of people just waiting to become a fan of your music.

I am a fan of music but I am a bigger fan of bands that use social media to reach their fans. It takes 30 seconds to reply to a tweet or simply liking a photo on instagram. This small gesture goes a long way. It makes fans feel like they are important, that you as the artist took the time to reply to a message. It makes fans feel cared about, that the mere fact of me showing up and taking a photo meant a lot to you. It keeps artists grounded and connected with the very people that are supporting and encouraging their career.

I am more likely to go out and see a show, buy their album and grab a t-shirt from a band that takes a few minutes out of their day to say “hey thanks for coming out” and show that they give a shit about their fans.

Bands that I listen to and think are doing a phenomenal job marketing themselves with their social media usage: Said the Whale, Hey Ocean, The Reason, Aidan KnightThe Dinner Belles and The Matinee.

I had the opportunity to speak to Matt Layzell of The Matinee last night after their show at The Casbah in Hamilton. I love small venues like this because more often than not you can find the bands milling around before and after their set. Its an incredibly intimate feeling watching a band you support out there supporting the other acts sharing the bill. While not wanting to bother Matt after their show we gave the usual “great show, you are fabulous” banter. I was pleasantly surprised to carry on a long conversation with him throughout the headliners set. He asked if we noticed their technical difficulties that were worrying the band, we talked about trying to categorize their sound (folky rocky indie with banjos), the reasons behind these Vancouverites setting up shop in Ontario for the month of November, we reminisced about Squamish Music Fest, my love for tambourine playing and more importantly I asked who managed their social media. They all do. Different members take on different tools to give various perspectives.

Take note musicians: the 20 minutes Matt Layzell took out of his night to chat back and forth with me meant wonders. I will gladly stand up and say “Hey World, go check out The Matinee, not only are they stellar performers who put on a heck of a live show, but they are genuinely nice people who take the time to interact with their fans”, be it over social media or in this case in person.


Fellow residents of Southern Ontario take note: The Matinee will be playing residencies at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto Tuesdays in November & Thursdays at Van Gogh’s Ear in Guelph. Do your ears a favour and check them out. Your welcome.

(Post Title – The Matinee “Sweetwater”)


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