I Put My Thing Down Flip It & Reverse It

Every now and then I like to perform social experiments with my life, to keep things interested. Now while my brother’s girlfriend will tell you they aren’t “social” if just you are participating but I beg to differ. Most of my “social experiments” tend to involve my wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes, no apologizes here. Two times I have tried to see how long I could go without wearing the same item of clothing twice. The first go around I was living in Vancouver and did not have access to my full wardrobe, I went 31 days. The second time I performed this challenge was this past summer. I went 51 days without repeating 1 item of clothing. When I finally gave up whatever was left in my closet was purged and donated. Also no new clothes were bought during this challenge (crazy I know).

My first clothing experiment happened almost 3 years ago. I read about a 30 for 30 clothing challenge over on one of my favourite blog’s Kendie Everyday. http://www.kendieveryday.com/p/30×30-remix.html

The rules were simple. You take 30 items of clothing from your closet and wear only them for 30 days. It really forced me to “remix” my outfits and come up with some combinations that I would never have worn before.

I documented the whole journey and it also lead to me discover some cool place in my city!

I’m thinking of starting another challenge in November. Who wants to join me?

(Post title – Missy Elliot “Work It)


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