Mary Moon

Let’s begin with me stating that I am not a vegetarian, I love me some steak, but I find that I do cook a lot of veggie recipes. My fridge is always filled with peppers, onion, sweet potatoes, kale and I’m constantly searching for something other than stir fries. I could tell you that I’m saving the world, baby cows and our environment but bottom line: meat is expensive & I’m too poor to eat it everyday. Also, red meat hurts my stomach. 

I found this delicious Edamame Burger recipe over at A Beautiful Mess


Toss onion, edamame, garlic & cilantro in your food processor & pulse until it’s just a bit chunky.


Combine with breadcrumbs & egg in a large bowl. Fold your ingredients into each other and then form little patties.
I cooked mine in a splash of grape seed oil until they were crispy on both sides.

Mine is topped with spinach, cucumber & sriracha mixed with veganaise (don’t judge Gwenyth Paltrow made me do it).


What is your favourite veggie recipe of the moment?

(Post title – Deadeye Dick “New Age Girl”)


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