Small mouth bass have got me hooked on Sunday afternoons

This summer I have taken up a new hobby. Fishing. Yes my rod is pink and no I don’t touch the worms. While I haven’t caught anything worthwhile yet I think part of my redneck brother is rubbing off on me.

I enjoy sitting by the water casting out and reeling it back it dodging the clumps of seaweed and lily pads. It becomes a game you play with the fish, daring them to come check out your line and what you have to offer.


I choose to fish with sparkly lures because if i was a fish I would definitely be drawn to the sparkles in the water. One pink sparkly fake fish and I would be caught hook, line and sinker.

Clearly the fish are much smarter than me here because I have only caught 2 catfish out at my brothers. I’m slowly filling up my tackle box and learning what lure goes with what fish (even if i have to google what type of fish live where!).

Can of any you fisher people out there recommend any fishing hot spots in the Hamilton area?

(Post title: Eric Church “Love Your Love the Most”)


One thought on “Small mouth bass have got me hooked on Sunday afternoons

  1. Fishing really is a wonderful thing. It comes with a healthy dose of meditative patience, which I appreciate, and it doesn’t always matter if you catch a fish.

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